3 Reasons Why The MLS All Star Game Is A Waste Of Time

Ethan Tait

Americans have this sick obsession with throwing all the best players in any given sport into the same meaningless game in order to generate revenue.

What Americans don’t realize is that football is not like other sports and an all-star game is absolutely ridiculous and a waste of time.

Although I will be attending this year’s edition of the game in San Jose this coming Thursday, I wouldn’t be heartbroken if they decided to get rid of it all together.

Here are my grievances against the abomination that is the MLS All-Star game:

1. It provides the average American with false hope


Since 2005, the MLS has brought in European clubs to play the all stars. The game is in July; teams in Europe are in preseason.

For the most part, they don’t give a shit.

Top players have only just started to make their returns and the sides are youth heavy.

Uneducated football fans will see the MLS side getting results against top teams like Bayern Munich and Chelsea and get the wrong idea.

Sorry, America. We’re still not that good.

2. Giroud is missing (amongst others)


I was very pleased to see France and Olivier Giroud make a deep run in the Euros with an unfortunate result in the final, but I was disappointed not to have Giroud at the all-star game.

Wenger gives all players 4 weeks of recovery time after any summer tournament, so the likes of Giroud, Mesut Ozil, and Alexis Sanchez will be absent from the game.

Top players play minor roles in games like this in order to assess the younger talent and give them a break after a busy season and summer.

Still disappointed not to see in the gorgeous Frenchman in the flesh.

3. Looming threat of injury


The 2014 edition of the All-Star game in Portland was a fiery affair when the match started getting chippy and shit started getting heated as Pep Guardiola was about to go super saiyan on Caleb Porter.

[Super Saiyan Conan]

Footballers are any club’s biggest assets. Especially in a club like Bayern, star players missing matches because of injury are not going to be taken too lightly.

It’s a glorified pre-season game and is not worth much to the MLS all-star’s opposition.

Let’s stop the Americanization of the beautiful game.

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