Bastian Schweinsteiger Hangs Up The Boots

It seems like Bastian Schweinsteiger grew up in front of our eyes. Just yesterday, he was a young, tow-headed midfielder with the world at his feet. Along with Lukas Podolski, he was the face of a generation of Germans who dominated the world.

Now, at 31, his hair is flecked with grey. The boyish charm is still there, but his face bears the lines and contours of an older man, like a president leaving office.

He is the archetype of the German footballer. Big, strong, fast, skilled, smart. We’ll still see him on the pitch with Manchester United for a few more years, but his international career with Germany is officially over. 

He delivered for club and country at every opportunity.

His awards: too numerous to count.

His mark on The Beautiful Game: indelible.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Schweini has been the consummate footballer for 15 years. Someone for kids, German or not, to look up to. He won and he did it the right way. Sure, he took some licks along the way.

But the blood of battle is thicker than the water of the womb. What he means to the game and his teammates can’t be expressed in 300 words.

He leaves the game with his head held high, a shining example of everything right with sports.

Schweini, we salute you. Thanks for everything.

P.S. If you want to continue this trip down memory lane, check out this incredible tribute video about his career. Worth a watch:

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