Soccer Gods Deliver Miracle In Seattle

The 2016 MLS season has been a slog for the Sounders faithful. I would liken it to riding a bike up a hill while people throw beer cans at you from passing cars. But the suffering is finally over.

The addition of Nicolas Lodeiro has literally changed the complexion of the Sounders overnight.

The 27-year-old Uruguayan national brings the kind of talent to the squad that’s been missing since Obafemi Martins left at the beginning of the season.

Born on the border of Argentina, Lodeiro is veteran of two World Cups and former teammate of fellow Uruguayan and Luis Suarez at Ajax.

Even though the Sounders only came away from Sunday’s clash with the Galaxy with a point, there was a quality to the game that’s been missing. For the first time all year, Seattle looked dangerous (also like they had been bribed to throw the game, albeit convincingly).

Losing Oba was like getting a limb blown off by an IED. Signing Lodeiro was like getting fitted with a high-tech prosthetic so we can open jars again.

Don’t worry, we’re not going to go around shooting our girlfriends like someone else we know with prosthetics that shall remain nameless.


This pass right here is what Nicolas Lodeiro brings to the Sounders (how Jordan Morris didn’t score, we’ll never know):

I like Erik Friberg but Lodeiro is simply in a different class. If Lodiero is a well-maintained Porsche from the mid 2000s, Friberg is a skateboard.

You saw what Nico Lodeiro was capable of fresh off the plane. He’d been in Seattle for about as long as Man was in Tree.

As soon as he figures out how to wheel and deal with Clint Dempsey, Jordan Morris, Christian Roldan, and Ozzie Alonso, the Sounders will be a team no one wants to play.

Lodeiro is Mauro Rosales mixed with Fredy Montero but left footed.

Clint Dempsey’s moxie, with Jordan Morris’ speed and Lodeiro’s poise will make the Seattle Sounders exciting again.

Sigi Schmid is gone and it’s a new day. The soccer gods were testing our faith through the first 20 games of the season. They were never gonna actually make us murder the kid on the mountain. Satisfied with our conviction, they have delivered a miracle in the form of Nicolas Lodeiro.

Will the Sounders make the playoffs?



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