Super Frankie Is Back And Balling Out

Ethan Tait

Frank Lampard’s hyped arrival to the MLS and NYCFC did not go as planned as he failed to mention he was first stopping in Manchester for another season in the Premier League.

New Yorkers are traditionally hostile and when he finally did arrive in January 2015, they expected him to perform at the highest level and bring it to the Big Apple.

Injuries hindered the performance of the former Chelsea man and prevented him from contributing to NYCFC.

After his first season of interrupted action and missing out on the playoffs, NYCFC fans were asking for his head and labeling him as a flop.

The man who scored 211 goals for Chelsea from midfield? The man who led Chelsea to 3 Premier League titles and European glory?

These people are fucking ruthless.

People of America and NYC FC fans, Frankie Lamps heard your cries, choice words, verbal abuse, and he wants you to know, he doesn’t give a flying fuck.

Lampard is finally blossoming in the MLS and NYC FC is reaping the benefits as they are sitting atop the Eastern Conference.

Frank Lampard, Andrea Pirlo, David Villa and company produced a brilliant performance against the Colorado Rapids who were unbeaten in 15 games.

The Secretary of Defense needed some serious backup.

Lampard’s hat trick against the Rapids was the first in NYC FC’s MLS history and gives him 8 goals in 7 matches.

At the end of May, Frankie was the most hated man in NYC and now the fans will be singing his name.

Frankie is feeling himself and the MLS should be worried.

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