WATCH: Dani Alves mocks how much Juventus paid for Higuain

Dani Alves is a bit like marmite; you either love him or hate him! But whichever way you choose to view him, you can’t deny the guy must be a barrel of laughs around the training ground – and on a stag do – and all that for absolute bargain price of a free transfer.

Whether his diving antics infuriate you, there is no questioning his ability. His tireless work rate in defence, combined with his penetrating attacking displays became a very regular sight at Barcelona – typified by the fact he is only one of three players to register 100 assists in La Liga. The only other two with the honour the great Luis Figo and that small ex-Argentinian player, Lionel Messi (not bad company to keep, at all).

His recent transfer to Juventus highlights a trend of very good recruitment adopted by the Turin club.

Juventus Free Transfers

Thoughts on a club rename, Jufreenus?

Don’t worry, I’ll show myself out?.

Aside from his on-the-field expertise, Alves seems to take on the role of the dressing room comedian. His latest antics at his new club suggests he will continue as the joker, evident in his recent stunt in mocking the fee paid for Gonzalo Higuain.
Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 14.45.05

We shouldn’t be surprised by this, though! Just take a look back at some of Alves’ other weird and wonderful ‘stunts’!

Here he is acting as a mascot’s barber

Teaching us how to ride escalators the correct way…

Oh, and not forgetting his weird dressing as a woman phase…

Keep up the good work, Dani. If you haven’t heard, Juve are going to need you without the ‘dab’ specialist around.

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