Chelsea’s John Obi Mikel Embroiled In Rap Beef After Name Change

Chelsea’s John Obi Mikel has made an unlikely enemy after a misguided attempt to clarify his name by legally changing it. The Nigerian international, born John Michael Nchekwube Obinna, changed his name to Mike Johns so people would stop spelling it wrong, provoking the ire of Houston-based rapper Mike Jones.


Jones is best known for his song “Still Tippin” that features Paul Wall and Slim Thug (whose verse includes his hottest line of all time “Blowin on that indo / Gamecube, Nintendo”)

The player formally known as John Obi Mikel said he dropped the “Obi” because it confused people and he was tired of his teammates making fun of him.

They used to call me Obi-John Wanobi and John Bon Obi. I didn’t like it.

Mike and John are two easy names, so I thought why not save myself some grief and just call myself Mike Johns.

Mike Johns

Seeking to reclaim the buzz he had in the mid 2000s by starting a rap-athlete beef, Mike Jones (the rapper) has released a statement about Mike Johns (the footballer),

He better stay the f*ck from ’round Houston. I don’t play that. Tryna steal my name.

Mike Jones

I doubt Mike Johns even knows who Mike Jones is, and he definitely doesn’t know his phone number. 281-330-8004.

Tough to say where this feud is headed, but I don’t see Johns showing up in Houston for awhile, so he should be good.

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