WATCH: College golfer finishes round in the dark.. with a little help

Older golfers get angry at the site of cell phones on the golf course, but I think they’ll have to reconsider their feelings after this epic use of technology.

While most of the college golfers decided to wait until the next day, UC Davis’ Ben Corfee, found a way to finish off his 10ft putt in the dark. Corfee was able to sink his putt with help from everyone watching, by the light of their cell phones!

“Ben was the closest and he decided to putt out, and at that point everyone around the green started getting their flashlights opened on their cell phones and came around to create light for him to be able to see,” UC Davis head coach Cy Williams said in an email to Golfweek. “It was a combination of teammates, volunteers, fellow competitors, etc., all spontaneous.”

This is some futuristic shit that makes the old fogies roll in their graves. SEE THAT?! That’s what we call a successful millennial moment.



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