WATCH: the reason why Chelsea are so excited by Kenedy

There’s so many things to love about Brazilian footballers, such as a score of of 99 shot power on Pro Evolution Soccer and former gang membership….

Then there’s the more obvious stuff like this. Fuck me, he was good, weren’t he?! We are all guilty of forgetting that the original Ronaldo was a don?

However, the most brilliant aspect of Brazilian footballers is, without doubt, their names. They get given half the Yellow Pages to make up their name when born, but as they progress through life, they end up with some sick sounding name that usually ends in a ‘dinho’ or an ‘o’.

Given that ‘fact’, you have to feel that Chelsea’s Robert Kenedy Nunes do Nascimento missed a trick when he opted to just take the ‘Kenedy’ part of his given name. I mean, these mad tekkers with an American football would’ve been a lot more impressive if his name was Kendinho or Kendo…

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