Portland Timbers Planning Major Stadium Expansion

The only thing more popular than craft beer, beards, and strip clubs in Portland is soccer. The Portland Timbers are in the process of vetting a plan that would add 3,500 seats to Providence Park in an effort to satiate the city’s rabid demand for their MLS team.

Providence Park's current capacity is just over 21,000
Providence Park’s current capacity is just over 21,000

With a current capacity of 21,144 fans and a 13,000 person waitlist for season tickets, Timbers execs are desperate to get more people into the stadium.

We have huge demand to attend our matches and we need more seats to satisfy at least part of that demand.

This new design that we’re focusing on is really exciting because it’s new real estate in an area that’s really complimentary to the existing fan experience.

Mike Golub, Timbers President of Business

However, with a current season ticket renewal rates between 98 and 99%, the move may not be enough to get you to a game in your lifetime. Currently, about 200 season tickets open up a year. If you’re sitting 8,000 on that list of 13,000, you’re looking at a 45 year wait after the expansion before you get your tickets.

The team is still waiting on approval from the city before they physically start the expansion process, but given the team’s popularity and what it means to the city, they’ll be able to get the deal done.

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