The 10 Best “Trademarked” Goals In Soccer

Check out this awesome video that shows the “trademarked” goals of soccer’s most iconic players. From Ibrahimovic to Ronaldinho, Stankovíc to Ronaldo, this video shows your favorite players scoring their most famous goals (shoutout to “valoriane” for putting this comp together):

I don’t know which I like best.

Stankovic’s volley from midfield looks like a glitch out of Fifa and Juninho is a straight up free kick god.

Ronaldinho’s under the wall misdirection is the perfect crime for such a jolly prankster and Quaresma’s outside of the foot goal makes you wonder if he ever reached is full potential.

But Antonín Panenka is the true OG here. He stands alone with Johan Cruyff in that his name has become a verb. As great as Messi and (Portuguese) Ronaldo are, even they can’t claim that.

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