WATCH: This is one of the best one-liners in sporting history

Seve Ballesteros was king of the one-liner. This was him at his very best during the 1991 Open Championship.

Seve hasn’t been far from the mind in the past few weeks. Perhaps it’s because the Ryder Cup is just around the corner, an event which saw “The Conquistador” terrorise his opponents with moments of brilliance. Few golfers have ever matched the Spaniard’s charisma, he was in a class of his own.

This classic one-liner came during the 1991 Open Championship at Royal Birkdale. Seve is shown speaking with a rules official about his options. Few people could produce such a facetious response with that level of charm.

Seve had a way with words and it’s little surprise that this translated into numerous conquests with the opposite sex. This list of Seve comebacks will make you mourn the loss of such a unique character.

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