WATCH: Olympic footballers proving they’re bloody useless

On a scale of ‘a kickabout by yourself’ to ‘World Cup Final’, Olympic football falls around about playing football at school on your break with a squashed Coke can. Utterly pointless.

If the lack of interest wasn’t already non-existent, then it has certainly reached those levels now. After the opening couple of days of the tournament, Olympians produced some downright tragic football.

We’ve had to witness tripe like this…

Then we had to accept the woeful head tennis, supported then by an awful attempt at playing the ball back to the ‘keeper.

For fuck’s sake, this was the opening goal of the whole tournament?

Good to see Massimo Taibi is still going strong

Ahh cool, just the 8-0 defeat…THAT’S A FLAMIN’ FIFA 16 RESULT!


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