WATCH: Arsenal fans have a new song for Arsene Wenger

Ahh, Arsenal fans, an endless source of jokes for supporters of the other 19 Premier League clubs. Whether it’s the ‘Wenger In/Out hokey cokey’, meltdowns over Olivier Giroud or comments that Holding and Chambers are the future of England’s defence, they entertain.

Like all fanbases, though, the Gunners have a few that aren’t complete delusional drips – it’s just a shame those fans shine through very rarely. Therefore, we applaud Twitter user @Memz_dogi for coming up with the newest song for the Gooners.

It’s so simple, yet so perfect – guarantee you’ll be humming it on the commute home, tonight!

In fact, it looks like Arsenal fans could release an album to challenge for the Christmas No.1 spot. After all, they’ll have plenty of time to learn the words, due to the fact there are no new signings for them to discuss.

Personally, we feel that Arsenal fans should revive this classic and get a bit of a buzz flying around the Emirates Stadium to replace the impending doom.


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