See Mark Clattenburg Make a Fool of Himself Off the Pitch

Ethan Tait

Typically an athlete commemorates his or her athletic achievement in some way, shape, or form.

Athletes who have taken part in the Olympic games get the logo tattooed somewhere on their body. Sometimes footballers do the same, getting cups they’ve won commemorated with ink.

Sergio Ramos displays these tattoos on his calves, but Sergio Ramos also won these titles.

Recently, English referee, Mark Clattenburg, has made a royal ass of himself by getting tattoos of the latest edition of the Euro Cup logo and the Champions League trophy.

This bastard with his smug smile and hidden agenda has tried to be the cool dad in the morning carpool and has managed to embarrass his kids as well as himself in the process.

It’s like getting a tattoo for the Olympic games that you never competed in, the war you never fought in, and in Clattenburg’s case, the finals you never played in.

I wish it were all a dream and Mark Clattenburg wasn’t displaying his ink proudly, but unfortunately for us, it’s a narcissistic ploy by a sad man attempting to get himself some media attention.

Congrats, Mark. I actually dislike you more, didn’t think that was possible.

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