WATCH: Suarez mocks Liverpool’s main man, Coutinho laughs

Liverpool were hugely impressive in their 4-0 victory over Barcelona on the weekend – and have therefore awarded themselves the 2016/17 Premier League title.

Although it was pre-season, the result certainly raised a few eyebrows, given the fact that Lionel Messi & Co played a part in the heavy loss. And although former Reds favourite Luis Suarez failed to deliver on the pitch, he certainly made an impression in the tunnel prior to kick-off.

Liverpool’s Roberto Firmino has received a lot of praise for his flair with a ball, but it seems that that’s where the Brazilian’s talents end, after his new summer barnet brought about comparisons to those freaky troll dolls.

Roberto Firmino

As well as being ridiculed by fans across the world with a haircut that sinks as low as Robbie Savage sporting trims, Luis Suarez jumped on the bandwagon in expressing his disapproval at his fellow professional’s hair… much to the amusement of Philippe Coutinho.

Perhaps with Mario Balotelli’s impending move away from Anfield this summer, coupled with Joe Pirlo’s recent transfer to Stoke City, Firmino has clearly felt the need to take on the role as the player sporting the shittest ‘lid’!

Joe Allen

Mario Balotelli

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