Pogba, Stones and now a third major signing in last 48 hours

What a 24 hours, hey?! Paul Pogba gets announced at a world-record transfer fee, John Stones subtly gets added to Manchester City’s Champions League squad and CLICKON Soccer launches its very own renegade line. 

Nah, don’t worry. This won’t be some kind of Stormzy music video, and you won’t be treated like a muppet that doesn’t know they’re being sold to amongst all the flashing lights and big names.

We get it. Honestly, we do. That’s why we have less adverts on our site than John Stones has Premier League wins…

We’ve decided to launch ‘The ON Series’ because fuck spending £80 on a Manchester United shirt with Pogba on the back – us fans have been taken advantage of for the last time.

I mean, it’s hardly like you can wear that Pogba ‘6’ shirt outside the house once over the age of 13, so what’s the point? If you saw a bloke popping to his local Tesco wearing with pride the colours of his beloved team, you’d firstly think ‘he voted Brexit’ and then you’d judge him – you’d be right to, as well.

That’s where we come in, as we look to celebrate the overachievers, the heroes, the rebels and, our personal favourite, the troublemakers.

Clickon snapbacks

Would Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo wear one of our above snapbacks? Nah, of course not. And we don’t want them to. Why would we? They aren’t us. They aren’t you. In fact, if they tried to bag themselves a cheeky tee, we’d tell them to…


If you do fancy buying something from our ON series, then you’ll get free entry to our next all you can eat and drink renegade underground rave ? – don’t worry, the next one is strictly football-themed?

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