WATCH: Wenger, Guardiola and Mourinho fire shots at Ranieri

The Premier League is less than 48 hours away, which means the predictions, previews and transfer rumours are all redundant, as we escape the footballing circus for 90 minutes of pure adrenaline-fuelled entertainment.

Ahead of the new campaign, the biggest question that will be answered this season is whether Leicester can stand the test of time and fend off their recharged title challengers Matrix-style. Honestly, that is an absolute diamond trilogy; give me some Neo over Edu any day of the week.

Because Hollywood is Hollywood, there was never any doubt that Neo was always going to outclass, outperform and ‘outschool’ the ‘Agents’. But football has never really had that ‘Hollywood fairytale’ element to it until last season, when Leicester did the incomprehensible and defeated all the agents in real-life.

The thing is, though, can the Foxes and Ranieri really put on a sequel that betters the first one? It’s not impossible to do, as the Matrix shows us, but it will be tougher than trying to get Antonio Conte to crack a smile.

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