WATCH: The best ever MLS goal that you’ve probably forgotten about

It could be my pure ignorance, I’m not sure. However, when scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed, I stopped upon a video that Major League Soccer had put up involving Christian Gomez.

It was the first time I’d heard of Christian Gomez, despite him being a regular MLS All-Star and winning the then-known-as MLS Honda MVP award.

As always, I gave it a watch because the level of access to highlights and all-round quality of the content that MLS put out that is second to none. People may knock the quality of American soccer, but when it comes to engaging the fans, social media and all round content, the likes of the Premier League, La Liga and Bundesliga are a million miles behind. Anyway, what I witnessed had me tagging my friends in left, right and centre (okay, the one pal I actually have).

Not sure I’ve seen too many better goals in world football, let alone MLS! An absolute beauty of a strike that has a touch of the Thierry Henrys against Fabian Barthez about it!

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