Nobody spotted the hidden message in United’s Stormzy/Pogba video

If it didn’t happen on social media, did it ever really happen? Twitter, Facebook and the like, are taking over the world. Truth is, they probably already have.

It’s the place to get the latest news, find some LOLZ and, in Manchester United’s case, announce world-record transfer fees. The whole Stormzy and Pogba video, despite what it represents (another marketing money-spinning goldmine), was still a pretty slick, outlandish and different way of announcing the arrival of a new signing.

But because the internet is the internet, and fans are fans, the jokes, memes and everything in between started doing the rounds.

And we are bloody delighted about that, as some wonderful Twitter user has re-dubbed the footage in recognition of Rick Astley’s 1987 musical video, Never Gonna Give You Up.


The similarities are uncanny, and if Pogba is even half as successful at Old Trafford as Rick Astley was/is in the music industry, then the Red Devils have one hell of a player on their hands…

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