WATCH: Arsenal fan will regret posting this video

One day, we will wake up and the penny will have dropped with football fans. There will be a moment of clarity where supporters won’t be embarrassingly outraged over 90 minutes, and they won’t feel the need to tweet racist comments, video themselves threatening to ‘kill’ rival fans or going over-the-top about something that is truly insignificant in the grand scheme of life.

Although I’d advise you not to hold your breathe on that one. Therefore, until then, we will continue to have hilarious ‘WTF!’ moments all over the ‘wonderful’ world of social media, from absurd bets to laugh out loud threats.

The moments that offer us ‘football is fun but not the end of the world’ kind of fans the most amusement, tend to come from Liverpool, West Ham, Manchester United and Arsenal fans, with delusion and justification for the unjustifiable, never far from the surface.

It’s the Gooners we have to thank for the latest instalment of ‘Football fan acts like a muppet; rest of the world loves it’…

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