WATCH: Zlatan does the most ‘un-Zlatan’ thing ever!

Zlatan announced himself to the Premier League on the weekend with a fine 25-yard strike. The former AC Milan striker made an impressive debut, which was to be expected given the fact Ibra had scored on his La Liga, Ligue 1 and Serie A debuts, too.

If the 34-year-old hadn’t stolen the back pages due to his goal, then he certainly did in his post-match interview. In the true Ibrahimovic style we’ve grown accustomed to, the Swede carried out his first post-match Premier League interview, which was particularly amusing due to the one-time Barca forward’s surprise to who won the Man of the Match award.

Both Man United’s No.9 and No.10 seemed absolutely baffled that Eric Bailly had won the award, making it back-to-back awards for the Ivorian. But the most surprising aspect of the whole exchange was that we were shown that I Am Zlatan is capable of showing humility. With Ibra’s confused reaction over the MOTM award, was down to the fact he thought Wazza Roo had bagged the accolade rather than himself. 

To be fair to Ibra, the Man of the Match is usually asked to do the post-match interview, but given his way with words and media appeal, it will hopefully mean that the charismatic ego is in front of the camera after every game, MOTM or not.

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