Bournemouth’s Olly Murs PR stunt has left a sour taste

Bournemouth’s stadium, Vitality Court, is the smallest ground in the Premier League by some distance, with a maximum capacity of just 11,700.

Every week, the club has a demand outweighing the supply, with thousands of fans left disappointed. Therefore, you can imagine the uproar when opposition fans get an invitation to the game rather than life-long Bournemouth fans – especially when those opposition fans are just the perceived ‘elite’ people in society, getting yet more undeserved benefits.

Sky Sports revealed that Bournemouth chairman, Jeff Mostyn, invited a certain Olly Murs to the game on Sunday after hearing the Red Devils fan didn’t have a ticket to the game. We think he did it partially to score brownie points in the process with his daughter, who is a huge fan of the Dear Darlin’ singer.

This, naturally, left some fans from the South Coast pretty annoyed…

Bournemouth tweets

After annoying a large portion of the Cherries fanbase with the gesture, Mr Mostyn must’ve been feeling even more uncomfortable when Eddie Howe’s side were downed 3-1 by the visiting Manchester United. Can you imagine the awkward small talk/fighting not to celebrate, that must have gone on?!

Olly Murs

Olly, think it’s time you learnt, pal, that you can’t always get things your own way in life. For example, when it’s Saturday night and I’m being forced to listen to you on whatever reality TV show you’ve somehow managed to make yourself seem worthwhile on, I can’t just mute you or change the channel. No, because my other half is harder than Granit Xhaka’s 24-minute debut.

Bite the bullet, accept it and move on just like the bloody rest of us.

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