Why the hell should Jurgen Klopp apologise?

Jurgen Klopp is probably the most popular manger in the Premier League; from his touchline antics to his post-match interviews, they’re almost as – if not more – entertaining than the actual football. 

We’ve got used to the German losing his specs during celebrations. However, in light of Liverpool’s recent 4-3 victory over Arsenal, Klopp claimed how he regretted his ‘over-the-top’ antics.

OK, I have a big, big part [to play] in the excitement in the last half hour, because it’s not allowed to celebrate the fourth goal when there is still half an hour to go

Jurgen Klopp

With the Liverpool’s manager comments stating how “it’s not allowed” to celebrate the fourth goal, epitomises everything that the extravagant German does not stand for. The ex-Dortmund boss wears his heart on his sleeve, living and breathing every single moment that happens to his Liverpool side.

It is incredibly refreshing and enjoyable, watching a world-class manager getting totally absorbed by the sport. When comparing this to calmer managers in the beautiful game such as Carlo Ancelotti, Rafa Benitez or Arsene Wenger – all top managers in their own right – but their ability, in general, to control themselves in moments of madness and pure exhilaration must be frustrating for fans and, on occasion, uninspiring for players.


This is not to suggest that these managers have to be bouncing up and down the touchline like some wild ultra. However, the emotional excitement expressed by managers such as Klopp, Antonio Conte and Pep Guardiola are all features which are rooted in the game’s deepest morals; passion, enjoyment, intensity… the adjectives could go on as long as Wenger’s coats.

Yes, managers should show respect to each other – often missing in extroverts like Jose Mourinho. But they can be forgiven for ‘over-celebrating’ during times when your club is 4-1 up away at the Emirates. The Liverpool boss has nothing to regret or apologise for, as the sort of antics the German delivers just builds a stronger bridge between manager, players and the fans. It shows a care not just for your own CV – ahem Rafa – but also a genuine love for the club you are managing.

Keep it up, Jurgen!

That Norwich game…

Here he is, just celebrating a James Milner tackle…

Back at it again against the Gunners…

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