The latest stats show just how much football fans are getting mugged off

You have to wonder if there will ever be a ‘ceiling’, when football fans (the proper ones, anyway) cannot afford to go to a game. Sure, us fans have reached a point ages ago where we no longer justify it, but we still go, despite the escalating prices of everything from train tickets to pints.

With the average wage amongst millennials lower than it has ever been before, something has got to give and football, we’re sorry to say, is really an afterthought.

The tipping point may be deciding £100 to see Newport County and Macclesfield Town play out a 0-0 in 2018 or paying £15 for a ‘meal deal’ inside the ground. Whatever it is, one thing is for certain. The governing bodies won’t care and neither will the clubs when we do eventually call ‘time’ on our true love.

We are a mere inconvenience to them, something they throw a bone to every now and then to keep us quiet. Capping away tickets at £30 was a great gesture, as was Liverpool listening to their fans over the rising of ticket prices, but it’s nothing more than a temporary measure. It won’t be long before they’ve taken with one hand after giving with the other.

Alas, this is the equivalent of standing at the bottom of ‘The Wall’, shouting Jon Snow’s name, and expecting him to hear me.

For now, we will just continue to grin and bear it, and hope that a last-minute winner, a trip to Wembley, a victory over a local rival will continue to be worth all of the financial outlay. Because, as EveryFan have found out, John might get a bit peed off soon with £52 on

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