Why Leicester City Is Relegation Bound

Ethan Tait

Following a fairytale performance last season, Leicester City has been shocked on the opening day of the Premier League season and is now set for relegation.

Managerless Hull City proved to be too formidable of an opposition for the Foxes leading to a 2-1 win for the recently promoted side.

Riyad Mahrez scored the only goal of the match for Leicester as he could be on his way out of the club.

I deserve better, [Jamie] Vardy’s still drunk from holiday and without Kanté do we even have a midfield? I’ll be on my way to North London next week.

Riyad Mahrez

The obviously frustration with the result was seen in Jamie Vardy when he started punching himself in the face mid-match.

If it were any other player, we would be worried. Fortunately, it’s just Jamie being Jamie.

Vardy too was available for comment after threatening the reporter and shouting “Chat Shit, Get Banged”.

Just got my new contract, so I don’t really give a fuck what happens. Kanté was a real prick for leaving and Mahrez will get banged if he leaves too. I really can’t be bothered; I’m the motherfuckin’ King of Leicester. All will bow down to me, even if we get relegated

Jamie Vardy

Claudio Ranieri knew back-to-back titles were impossible, but I don’t think he saw relegation on the cards.

It was a great run for the Foxes and a season to be remembered. Hopefully, their stay in Championship will be a short one and they can make a strong return to the Premier League.

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