WATCH: Match abandoned in Sweden after fan’s moment of madness

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Ed Angeli
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Bloody awful night to be a ‘keeper… and we aren’t talking about being West Ham’s Adrián at Stamford Bridge.

Across the waters, in Europe – remember that place? – Swedish side Ostersund’s goalkeeper, Aly Keita, was attacked by a masked hooligan, causing the game to be abandoned.

Although we hate to see such incidents, you’ve got to find a silver lining in everything or life will break you – god, that’s deep, man. Therefore, the best part about the whole video was the high-flying steward from the back, replicating a Stone Cold Stunner ‘out-of-no-where’.

Here’s what the steward had to say on the matter…

“Not all heroes wear capes.”

Anonymous steward

No one is yet sure what caused the masked man to carry out such madness. However, one thing is for certain, he isn’t alone in being an utter muppet.

Here’s one in Israel, which actually led to the poor player being sent off…

A barbaric bombardment of fans in Romania…

And, here’s one where the bloody players started fighting the fuzz?…

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