Yaya Toure eyes career change after being banished by Pep

Yaya Toure’s future was always in doubt with the arrival of Pep Guardiola, seeing as the new City gaffer flogged him whilst at Barcelona.

Having now failed to make any of Pep’s squads for the Premier League opener and Champions League qualifier, Yaya will be packing his bags at some point before the transfer window closes.

But where will the powerhouse centre-mid rock up next?

1) Barman In Magaluf

What a chant! Rumours are circulating that Yaya wants to start his own ‘Yaya/Kolo’ firm. The big man could grab himself some bar work/conductor every hour, on the hour for the iconic Toure brothers song.

2) Celtic

Kolo and Yaya

It’s no secret that Kolo and Yaya love being at the same club together. So perhaps a reunion could be on the cards?

Let’s just hope the pair don’t feature in the Northern Irishman’s envelopes.

“I think there’s three players who will let us down this year – and I have written them down already in three envelopes. Make sure you are not in one of the envelopes.”

Brendan Rodgers

3) Mr Kipling’s Bakery

Toure bday cake

We all remember birthday-cake-gate. Poor old Yaya was left ‘cakeless’ on his special day, and my word, he was not happy about it. He is rumoured to have requested a transfer away from the Etihad, due to the lack of a sweet treat from his employer. A cut-price move to Mr Kipling’s would allow Yaya to pretend it’s his birthday 365 days a week.

4) Boots


There have been suggestions that in an attempt to keep his brother’s weight down, Yaya has been looking at getting a job at Boots. Not only will this help supply Kolo’s demand for prescribed drugs, it will also mean he can relieve Ashley Cole from his role above.

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