The greatest collection of football’s most ‘David Brent’ moments

When Ricky Gervais announced that he was reviving his iconic character from ‘The Office’, David Brent, he was greeted the way Manchester United fans would welcome an Old Trafford return for Cristiano Ronaldo. There would be initial excitement at the thought of returning to those fond memories, only for those thoughts to return to concern about the possibility of him undoing a legacy.

Well today is the day we find out whether David Brent is going to have a Thierry Henry-esque homecoming to Arsenal or whether it will be more like when Alan Shearer popped up in the dugout of St James’ Park.

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It’s very apt that David Brent is coming back to our screens, the same week another national treasure (?) returned to our televisions. Gary Neville’s slotting back alongside Jamie Carragher on Monday Night Football.

G Nev has returned from a disastrous few months in Valencia – no idea if it’s bigger than Slough – and already proved just how much we missed the former Red Devils defender, with some honest and insightful analysis.

Jamie Carragher is clearly enjoying the return of his old MNF partner, as well as the resurrection of David Brent…

“I’m sure Gary Neville couldn’t run and manage a successful La Liga club. I couldn’t do what…actually, I could do what he does, and I think he knew it back then. Probably what spurs him on.”

…and embraced his accidental Brent moment live on Sky Sports superbly.

Forget Premier League medals, that’s the real quiz

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 13.02.54



Not sure Brendan could incorporate Swindon at Celtic

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 13.04.49

For both excellent dances…

And just because we bloody love Brent, here’s a few other moments from when the Slough hero inadvertently popped up in football!

“But it’s a man’s game…accidental…so…that’s why you shouldn’t get involved”

?Free love on the free love freeway?

Just basically anything Brendan Rodgers ever does

“Well mine was impromptu. But I don’t think I should get extra points for that”

“Whatever…don’t make me redundant…please. I’ve changed my mind, I don’t want redundancy. I don’t want that”

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 17.16.44

 No place for sexism in the workplace

Brent: If you do have any trouble from the men, what does she do, Dawn?
Dawn: Kick them in the balls.
Brent: Oh! Feminist.
Gareth: [jokingly] Get your bra off.
Brent: [to Gareth, defensively] Do you want to go out, as well?
Gareth: Sorry, burn your bra. Feminists.

“Look at this – ‘Dutch girls must be punished for having big boobs’. Now you do not punish a girl, Dutch or otherwise, for having big boobs.”

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