WATCH: Alexi Lalas Bashes Hope Solo For Talking Reckless

Alexi Lalas took issue with Hope Solo’s wild comments following the USWNT’s loss to Sweden in the quarterfinals of the Olympics, just like everyone else who saw/heard/read them. However, he took it to another level by airing his grievances on ESPN for the world to hear. Somehow, he’s become the top soccer pundit in the United States despite being just a few years removed from the rape and pillage of Scandinavia and the British Isles. I don’t always agree with him, but he hit the nail on the head here. 

"Take the valuables and burn the village." -- Alexi Lalas circa 1200
“Take the valuables and burn the village.” — Alexi Lalas

Here is Hope Solo’s post-game statement that started the whole thing:

Here’s how Pia Sundage, Sweden’s head coach and former USWNT’s head coach, responded:

I get that she was charged up after the game and emotions run high, but if you’re gonna say some wild shit, at least do it with gusto like Richard Sherman, best corner in the game/king of the postgame interview:

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