Luis Suarez is better than Sergio Aguero in every way

Lionel Messi versus Cristiano Ronaldo is nothing but a snorefest now. There’s nothing new to say or add to the debate; it has been done to death. So sit back, relax and just enjoy the two remarkable talents whilst we still have them. However, there is a big footballing debate to be had, and it’s between Barcelona’s Luis Suarez and Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero.

With the latter’s recent hat-trick in Manchester City’s Champions League qualifier, it puts the ex-Atletico forward at the front of fans’ minds. However, when examining the numbers and the all-round general play over the years, it is perhaps fairer to say that the Argentine comes a close second to his South American counterpart.

Aguero possesses bags of pace and a lower centre-of-gravity than Frodo Baggins, which makes him able to beat defenders season-after-season. Suarez, on the other hand, combines his tenacious playing style, a style which just cannot be taught. This is not a promotion of his past Hannibal Lecter escapades, but that desire and hunger to win makes the former Liverpool striker a constant menace.

But how about the goals, that’s what is important about strikers, right?

Suarez stats

Aguero stats

At first glance, it’s fair to say that Suarez boasts better figures. But you’ve got to consider that the Barca man is playing with the likes of Neymar, Messi, Iniesta…we don’t need to go on. Whilst Aguero is not in bad company, with your De Bruynes and Silvas, Suarez still holds a considerable advantage.

So, taking this into account and then examining their respective international careers, AGAIN it is Suarez that holds the better statistics. Even when – with all due respect to Uruguay – Argentina can strongly say they have ‘better’ players… perhaps not anymore though ?.


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Source: Sport 360

Ok, goals are not everything. It’s important to consider the impact each player has upon the teammates around him.

Aguero has a total of 38 assists in 210 games for Man City. This is certainly not a bad ratio for a player whose main objective is to find the back of net. However, Suarez is on a different level…

Suarez assists

With more assists in nearly 90 games less, Suarez’s ability to find the balance between selflessness and selfishness when before the goal is remarkable.

Without going over-the-top on the numbers and basing the two players purely on their statistical value – because there will always be a stat out there to prove any point you want to make – but the saying does go, ‘the stats don’t lie’.  They are quite clearly in favour of the Uruguayan, which suggests that the work rate Suarez puts into every game, making his teammates defend from the top, produces results his output deserves.

This is not to say that Aguero is lazy. However, on occasion, if the Argentine is not scoring goals, he can go missing. Whereas Suarez always seems to be in games; the man is a constant irritant for defenders.

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The big black mark on Aguero’s record is the fact that the former Atletico Madrid striker will not guarantee you a full season of availability and peak fitness. The City man is too injury-prone, with extended spells on the physio table during important parts of the season.

Don’t get things wrong, the Citizens’ No.10 is without doubt one of the top five strikers in the world and by some distance the best Premier League forward. But with Aguero at 28 and Suarez 29, they are at their peak – and the Barca man has more to show for it, both as a player and on his CV.

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