Christian Tello Nearly Gives Doctor Heart Attack At Medical

Ethan Tait

Cristian Tello burst onto the footballing scene in the 2011/12 season with his electrifying pace and usual Catalan trickiness. After a class introduction to Spanish football and the world, he slowly fell off the face of the footballing world in various loan deals.

The title of the video shows you that the last time Tello was relevant was when Soulja Boy was churning out hits.

Now, he’s making news for other reasons.

The Barcelona man showed up for his medical in Italy at Fiorentina on Tuesday wearing an “I Heart Beer” shirt.

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What the fuck is going through your head, Tello?

Cristian has made it quite obvious how he spent his summer in doing his best impersonation of a frat star on any given college campus.

The man has obviously fallen from grace and needs to find a way to resurrect his fading career, but making headlines like this is only going to make him look douchier.

He’d rather hit the bars instead of train and drink away his sorrows from never again being able to force his way into the Barcelona side.

I would like to feel bad for you, but you’re making a shit ton of money doing something I would kill to do.

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