WATCH: The moment Rory McIlroy stopped to confront a heckler

It was an awesome week at Hazeltine apart from a few unsavoury moments amongst the crowd.

It was a historic day for the Ryder Cup. America managed their biggest winning margin in 36 years, a legendary moment for a team that has struggled until recently. Sergio Garcia and Phil Mickelson played one of the best singles games I have ever seen, and don’t get me started on Rory McIlroy and Patrick Reed. WOW.

It was a great Ryder Cup and the Americans played better golf throughout the three days. Plain and simple. The only sour note came from a select number in the Minnesotan crowd, whose behaviour tarnished the world’s perception of US golf fans.

You can hear this nimrod shout “suck a d***” and “you’re a wee man”, as well as attributing Rory’s last shot to the reason “Wozniacki [his former fiancée] left your ass”. Thankfully this skid mark was ejected!

People say that this behaviour is the result of trying to grow the game. They argue that you can’t encourage a broader audience without the odd bad apple making it through the gates. This was despite organisers making a first-tee announcement about good conduct and posting reminders about being respectful on the electronic scoreboards dotted around the course.


It got Rory fired up and he even encouraged it after Friday’s play. That’s why it was strange to see him double-back and confront the fan.

People say golf lives on a pedestal where we think our game is immune from the type of instances you will see at any baseball game. Does a home team deserve a home advantage? My experience of Gleneagles in 2014 was very different to the atmosphere found at Hazeltine…I mean they even clap the opposition in Scotland.

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