19 of the best ever FIFA songs you’ve already forgotten about

FIFA 17 is about to be released – ? – and as we all know, the soundtracks they compile are almost as good as the games. However, we can never remember what the bloody songs are called. Well, put the Shazam away, as we’ve done the hard work for you.

Before you get your pitchforks out for the missing Bloc Party’s, Helicopter or Fat Boy Slim’s The Rockafeller Skank – remember, these are the unsung heroes of the EA Sports albums.

1)Walk the Moon – Quesadilla (2013)

You’re there, dilly-dallying with your formation… and this beauty of a track is on in the background…tick.

2) Spello 440 – Stop at the Rock (2000)

Serious blast from the past here, but what a tune to get you up for a crunch match with your mate.

3) Avicii – The Nights (2015)

Probably more well-known, but this Avicii number can not be ignored. Good for a pick-me-up after a narrow loss.

4) Chrome – Don’t Turn the Lights On (2011)

Slightly more mellow, but a crackin’ number to help you decide which team to pick during the 2011 season.

5) Playing for Change – War No more Trouble (2010)

It’s late in the evening, and this comes on… best keep playing for another four hours, ‘oh go on then, one more’, springs to mind.

6) Nico and Vinz – When the Day Comes (2015)

This song just about sums up anyone’s mood when about to play FIFA… pure joy.

7) Gorillaz – 19-2000 (2002)


No, the opening line is not saying “it’s amusing that we’re jews”. This remix of the Gorillaz number is something only Damon Albarn would be proud of.

8) Empire of the Sun – Alive (2014)

A band again probably more recognisable, but this song does exactly what it says on the tin. Empire of the Sun’s best by some distance.

9) Fidel Nadal – International Love (2010)

Reminiscent of ‘puff-the-magic-dragon’, and the Spanish tapas whilst you’re there. This 2010 number would be perfect for those hours spent practising in the FIFA arena.

10) Peter Bjorn and John – Young Folks (2008)

Personal favourite. A timeless classic… could be used on every single FIFA version.

11) Slaptop – Sunrise (2015)

Best song of FIFA 15 hands down, has a bit of everything… what a find by EA Sports.

12) Keane – Nothing in my Way (2007)


This song could play on repeat, as you’re scratching your brain over how good to make yourself on FIFA mode.

13) Kasabian – L.S.F (2004)

Alright, might have committed a cardinal sin by picking this over ‘Club Foot’. But this number suits any mood, and is up there with one of Kasabian’s best.

14) Fitz and the Tantrums – Spark (2013)

How anyone could not like this song, I do not know. FIFA 13 has been dubbed one of the best soundtracks, and this is top of the list.

15) Crystal Fighters – Love Natural (2014)

You could listen to this whilst just staring at the screen! A bubbly song, full of summer.

16) Teddybears – Cobrastyle (2006)

This intro is second-to-none! For a slightly weaker 06′ soundtrack, this song alone makes up for it.

17) Crystal Castles (ft. Rober Smith) – Not in Love (2012)

This track is pure euphoria for those incredible goals we have scored in our FIFA careers.

18) Caesar’s Palace – Jerk it Out (2004)

We’re not quite sure what the lads are singing about… but this is probably the BEST FIFA SONG of all-time. Fair?

19) Blur – Song 2 (1998)

Ok, this is known by all. But, it simply can not be left out. A football tune through-and-through, and what a record to end on.

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