Riyad Mahrez embarrasses Arsenal fan in the best possible way

Ben Mountain

Yesterday’s news that Leicester City’s Riyad Mahrez finally signed a four-year deal to stay at the Premier League Champions has left this Gunner with egg on his back…

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In a misguided but bold move, faithful fan Asad Balal has epitomised Arsenal’s success this transfer window with an unfortunate purchase. What seems to be a fairly tragic turn of events has seen Balal make the unfortunate decision to invest in a ‘Mahrez 26’ Arsenal home shirt.

Not only was the man confident Mahrez would move south, but he seemed to know his number as well. Balal is either the most self-confident man in North London or Holloway’s answer to a crystal ball. If the latter, unfortunately, he’s been dropped and shattered into thousands of pieces depicting Mahrez’s body clad in red and white…either way, this clairvoyant has wasted a journey to the club shop as well as £79 on the shirt itself.

However, some good has come out of the situation with Balal donating the shirt to charity and even being offered a courtesy replacement shirt thanks to KitBag. In what must highlight his current disenfranchisement with the club, he’s opted for a Boca Juniors one instead.

Despite the somewhat humiliating furore Balal has brought upon himself, we feel he hasn’t come out too badly. Surely, out of his 40,700 tweets, *that* photo will go down as his ‘best’.

But at the end of the day, the crystal Balal was wrong. Move over fella, and leave the fortune telling to Paul the Octopus.

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