The remarkable stat behind why Man United appointed Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho splits opinion. The Portuguese manager can be obnoxious, arrogant, and to be honest, a bit of a prick. But he can also be hilarious, compassionate and loyal. Whichever way you choose to view him, there is one thing you can not deny him of… his home-record.

Mourinho record

To be a manager for 16 years, and to only lose on nine occasions in your own back yard is an almost incomprehensible achievement. Criticise the ex-Chelsea boss for his treatment of certain players – some German bloke springs to mind – or for his lack of a legacy. But the home-record statistic shows how he guarantees a team success, as proved by winning the league title in four different countries.

For instance, take a team the size of Real Madrid. They have only won La Liga once in eight of the last seasons. Whose season was that? Mourinho’s. Why? They did not lose a league game at home.

La Liga

Man United host Southampton in their first home Premier League game tomorrow night. Old Trafford used to be a place where basically every team went expecting to lose, now teams come away disappointed to leave with a point. By hiring Mourinho as manager, the Red Devils have ensured that the ‘Theatre of Dreams’ is once again a place to fear visiting.

Premier League record

Sure, the former Porto manager will piss a lot of people off along the way – it’s already started. However, the 53-year-old will make the team challenge because of his ability to create a fortress at home…oh, and the help of spending £948million?.

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