Diego Costa Is A Sniveling Weasel

Ethan Tait

With the Premier League back in full swing, Diego Costa is back to being his old self: a big bitch.

The Spanish International is complaining to anyone who will listen about unfair treatment by the referees.

Costa spoke about playing in England,

Here I’m marked by the referees, I’m going to be honest.

Diego Costa

No one is listening.

The prick is attempting to incite a riot as he attempts to get a yellow card in every single game this season for mid-table giant Chelsea.

The 41-year-old striker thinks he is being targeted by the Premier League referees for his dashingly good looks, the selfish bastard.

In his short stint in the Premier League, he has more rash challenges than anyone in the past decade.

Despite trying to take off the leg of the West Ham goalkeeper, Adrián, Costa still claims he’s the victim.

Diego Costa pleaded his innocence to the press following the incident,

The bastard stole my lunch money, and I couldn’t take it any longer. He took my money, so I tried to break his leg. It was a like for a like, eye for an eye.

Diego Costa

Adrián was too busy thanking God that he still had a leg to comment on the situation.

Diego Costa needs to be stopped before he actually gets mad and goes full Hulk on every backline in the league.

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