WATCH: Gerrard and Lampard don’t cope well on American TV

Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard, the pair are the crème de la crème of English midfielders. And the Three Lions are still trying to work out how they couldn’t work out, how to get the Liverpool and Chelsea legends playing in perfect harmony, together.

The ‘golden generation’ has now left England, and Lamps and Gerrard have gone off into the sunset for one final lucrative payday in Major League Soccer.

Can’t blame ’em, especially as the high-profile players out there are treated like royalty. Every pass brings a cheer, every tackle gets a finger foam salute and every goal results in 50 cents off of your next corn dog. Whereas, of course, over here in bitter and cynical England, the higher your stock as a player the more we expect/want you to fail ?.

What our national treasures have to weigh up, though, when swapping over to the Hollywood way of life, is whether they’re comfortable and okay with being forced to do a lot of cringeworthy, over-the-top and all-American ‘cheese’.

Lamps clearly is. But Gerrard we aren’t so sure about…

Gerrard literally doesn’t understand the game and looks like he would nut the host if he was in the studio with her ? You can just feel him wanting to go:

“Bog? That’s the ‘kin shitter, love.

“This is easy. Next one.”

Stevie G

Lamps, on the other hand, plays along like the true gent he is, translating for Gerrard and taking copious amounts of time to decide his answer like it’s the final question in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

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