6 footballers you probably didn’t know played for both Tottenham and Liverpool

The early doors Saturday kick-off sets the tone for Saturday and Sunday. Give us a Hull City versus Leicester City. Then you may as well write off creating any memories with the lads and ladettes that weekend. However, throw a dog a bone, and put on Tottenham versus Liverpool, then there’s potential for a double purple-headed devil emoji ?? kind of weekend.

Ahead of the Premier League opener for the third round of fixtures, we had a look into the archives of the top flight of English football and couldn’t believe that bloody Graeme Souness played for the Lilywhites!

Graeme Souness

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That’s right! The Liverpool legend could well have gone on to become a stalwart for the boys at White Hart Lane had things turned out differently. Rumoured to have told then-manager Bill Nicholson that he was the best player at the club, Souness was frustrated and left Spurs having made just one appearance as a substitute.

Oyvind Leonaardsen

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Neither club will really remember the former Wimbledon player too fondly. However, the Norwegian midfielder is always a good source of trivia when down the pub with your mates – and we hope he’s still rocking those David Beckham curtains now.

John Scales

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To play for Liverpool and Tottenham during the 90s and 00s, you must’ve been half-decent. However, John Scales wasn’t. Therefore, it’s fair to assume the defender had something on the blokes who signed him, Souness and Gerry Francis!

Nicky Barmby

People swear to me that Nicky Barmby was a very good player – and you don’t play for Tottenham, Liverpool, Everton and Leeds (when they were Premier League big boys) if you aren’t.

But come on? *The* Nicky Barmby? Surely not!

Christian Ziege

Perhaps one of the most consistent and underrated full-backs of the Premier League era?

Brad Friedel

Oh give over, surely you didn’t remember Friedel played for Liverpool when he had hair? The ‘keeper made a real name for himself at Blackburn Rovers, Aston Villa and Tottenham.

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