Danny Willett won’t stop b*%$#ing about the rowdy Ryder Cup fans

Danny Willett has recently claimed that the American Ryder Cup fans were targeting their heckles towards his parents and wife.

Willett and his family were subject to some abuse, thanks to his brother’s comments beforehand, where he called Americans “a braying mob imbeciles” among other nasty names. After the Ryder Cup was over and the European Team left with their tails between their legs, Willett agreed with his brother on Twitter.

I don’t know what Willett was expecting. His first Ryder Cup was in America, not Europe. If he thought every fan was going to be rooting for him, he has clearly never been to a sporting event before. The whole point of having a home field advantage is that you have the crowds on your side!

Willett went on to bitch to the media about his experience:

“When you’re walking around a golf event week to week, everyone’s fantastic. You pitch up and play a normal golf event anywhere in the world and the fans are great.

“I don’t think you should be walking around playing golf while people are saying things to your parents and saying things to your wife. I don’t think that’s our sport, that’s not what we play for, that’s not what we do.

“Unfortunately that happened and unfortunately it put a little bit of a downer on what was supposed to be my first really good experience of the Ryder Cup.”

Maybe American fans get more rowdy than pristine Europeans, but I don’t think any fan likes to be blasted by the opposing players brother. That doesn’t mean they have the right to harass innocent family members of the player but you can’t hold everyone accountable for a few people’s actions, which is what Willett’s brother did in the first place.

Not to mention, it’s the Ryder Cup. It’s not a normal tournament. This is an extremely patriotic event that gets every fan hyped, Americans and Europeans alike. It’s going to be a different experience than the run of the mill tournament and no one said it was going to be “really good”. Especially on American soil after your brother disses the country you’re in.

Basically, it’s karma honey. Get over yourself and your green jacket, and maybe grow some balls.

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