WATCH: Bubba Watson is crying again

Bubba Watson has two green jackets, 9 PGA Tour wins, and has made almost $36 million dollars playing the game he loves. Apparently none of that compares to being vice captain for the winning 2016 U.S. Ryder Cup team.

What do you know, Watson is crying again. In a post interview Bubba said, “this is the greatest thing I’ve ever done in golf”. He said this not too soon after blubbering all over captain Davis Love III.

Blubber Watson:

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“It was a dream come true for me. This is the greatest thing that I’ve ever done in golf, and I’m so happy for this team. This team was amazing. They took me with open arms and let me be a part of it. For USA, for all that, this is absolutely amazing, the greatest thing that I’ve ever done in my career and been a part of.”

Bubba Watson

It’s pretty amazing for Watson to be so passionate about being left off the Ryder Cup playing field, which shows you just how much he cares about this sport and his country.

Even Steve Stricker, the 2017 Presidents Cup captain, had something to say about it.

“It’s exciting when you make it, but I’ve been on the other end. You don’t like to hear that, but you understand it,” Stricker said of not getting picked. “Bubba took that to a whole other level. He got that call saying he wasn’t going to be part of the team and he said he still wanted to be a part of the team. That was cool and that showed a lot to all of the players. I don’t know if anybody else in the world would have done that. Who else would have done that? I don’t know. It’s cool that he did it and I think that added a lot of spark to our guys, too.”

Steve Stricker

Bubba definitely had some balls, asking Davis Love III to be his vice captain after being denied a spot on the team. Maybe his balls are connected to his tear ducts, and he can’t control either.

Can Watson be both an egotistical bastard and an emotional wreck? I guess so.

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