Who is the most overrated on FIFA 17 out of Man United and Man City’s new signings?

Right, so the FIFA ratings are out and they’ve caused as much hysteria and debate as usual, if not more. Football fans have been outraged by either the stinginess or generosity of the EA Sports guys and dolls in handing out the stats.

As the hype around next month’s launch grows, various teams have had their ratings ‘leaked’. Of course, by leaked, we mean that EA Sports have allowed us all to see them.

Much of the excitement around the next instalment of the football game will be around the additions to the Premier League big boys in Manchester, City and United.

Both heavyweights have been subject to a lot of upheaval, this summer, with the pair nabbing the two best managers in world football – you can decide amongst yourselves who is 1st and who is 2nd?.

There must be some kind of logic to how these final ratings are decided upon. However, that doesn’t make ’em right! Arsenal fans are outraged at Bellerin’s 77 rating, whilst Liverpool fans are lol’ing over the fact Alberto Moreno is the very same as the Gunners right-back?!

So go on then those of you with your Manchester ties, but do try and not be too biased!

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