Ander Herrera Has Officially Lost His Mind

Ethan Tait

Footballers are known to be crazy. It’s just what we do.

Some are a lot crazier than others.

Mario Balotelli is the king of crazy by doing shit that any sane person would never imagine of doing. He set of fireworks in his own home, drove into a women’s prison to look around, and threw darts at the Man $hitty youth players. Who does that shit?

Eric Cantona had every intention of decapitating the fan on that fateful night against Crystal Palace.

Anddddd Joey Barton is certifiably insane.

But after Ander Herrera’s comments about the abilities of his right back at Manchester United, Antonio Valencia, I have put him to the top of my list.

Speaking about the oft-forgotten Valencia, Herrera said,

I know he’s not normal right-back because he used to play as a winger, but I think that, right now, he is the best-right back in the world maybe with Dani Alves, because I like Dani Alves a lot.

Ander Herrera

What the actual fuck.

How? Why? Is Herrera mentally stable?

Now, I see why he can’t be trusted in Manchester’s midfield.

Antonio Valencia isn’t even the best right-back in England, for Christ’s sake.

I would select a good 10-15 right backs ahead of him in the world.

Ander Herrera needs to check himself because that sort of talk is going to get himself sold from the club and checked into a facility.

The Spaniard has gone mental.

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