All Eyes On Cristhian Stuani After Magical Performance

Was Cristhian Stuani just teasing us this past weekend with those 2 goals or will he continue to deliver?

The EPL doesn’t care who you are or where you’ve played. Over the years “big players” have either risen in glory (Henry!) or fallen to club and fan disappointment (i.e. Andriy Shevchenko, Deco, Mario Balotelli).

These days, so much hype is built around big and expensive players in the EPL that we don’t focus as much energy as I think we should on getting to know the lesser-known talent or “grasshoppers” early on.

We’re only 2 weeks into the 2016/17 season so I’ll cut lads like Vardy some slack before calling him a “one-season wonder.” He was a lesser-known newbie to the Premier League quite recently who impressed the hell out of us all. As we well know, this sport requires stamina, so it’ll be interesting to see if he can pick off from where he ended last season.

I can’t help but wonder if Cristhian Stuani will be this season’s Jamie Vardy – a less-known player to start with brilliant goal-scoring capabilities…Of course, it’s too early in the season to predict anything, but I like the similarities between them.

Stuani, like Vardy, cost his club under $3 million.

Stuani à la Vardy is entering the Premier League with some Championship experience under his belt.

Stuani, like Vardy, plays for a club that has roller-coastered through the ranks of English football over the past few decades.

Stuani impressed this past weekend in the Tees–Wear derby.

His first goal was a brilliant rip from about 25 yards out and second was an easy finish from the 6-yard line off a well-worked offensive attack. Stuani’s efforts this weekend have given us all a glimpse into what he’s capable of. Sunderland’s defensive woes notwithstanding, it’s clear Stuani’s got imagination, skill, and a knack for putting the ball into the back of the net.

Let’s keep our eyes on him.

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