A Fall From Grace: Valencia CF

Ethan Tait

At one point in time, Valencia was on the pedestal as one of the top four clubs in Spain, joining the likes of Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, and Atlético Madrid with their moderate levels of success in Europe and in La Liga.

But what goes up must come down, especially when the coffers have run dry and all your talent has been sold.

Valencia has produced some great footballers over the years including the likes of David Silva, Juan Mata, Jordi Alba, Gaizka Mendieta, and Isco Alarcón.

The former La Liga giants experienced great early success and a rebirth in the early 2000’s where they captured a couple league titles, a Copa del Rey, and a string of good seasons in Europe.

Unfortunately, with the loss of funding and bankruptcy, Valencia went from a team full of talent with the likes of David Villa and Fernando Morientes under the tutelage of Unai Emery to the Neville Brothers.

No one deserves that.

The descent from footballing grace was not rapid, but gradually, every player was sold and Gary Neville tried to act like he actually knew what he doing at the helm of a once great club.

Valencia CF has not hit rock bottom, yet. After their defeat to a Kevin Prince-Boateng led UD Las Palmas, there is more disappointment to come from the side.

Things could be worse; the club could have completely lost hope and they could still have Neville at the helm, collecting fewer points than Spurs will in Europe this season.

I pray for a recovery, but I expect very little from Valencia and its new foreign ownership.


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