Bayern Munich stars given insane present from owners after Bundesliga success

Bayern Munich must have taken a leaf out of Leicester City’s book, as all of the Munich players were treated to brand new wheels by the German club’s owners. 

However, it was not just because the Allianz side won the league. Instead, Audi have been supplying new cars to the Bayern boys every year since 2002 as ‘company cars’… Not bad for something you could claim on expenses.





Arjen Robben’s done quite well for himself, considering the Dutchman spent more time in the treatment room.


Arturo Vidal best be careful with his new whip. We all know what he’s like behind the wheel ?.


We think the new Italian boss, Carlo Ancelotti, has the pick of the bunch with this R8… wow.

Thomas Müller

Poor old Thomas Müller, the German star received a downgrade of an estate after his dry Euro 2016 campaign.

Philipp Lahm

Is it me, or does Philipp Lahm look like he’s just passed his driving test?

The Allianz boys can also be spotted around Munich as each number plate has ‘M-DM’. The ‘M’ stands for ‘Munich’, and the ‘DM’, ‘Deutscher Meister’ (German Champions), for the non-Deutschland residence ?.

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When the Germans have failed to win the league, the ‘DM’ turns to ‘RM’ – ‘Rekordmeister Meister’ – which stands for Recorded Champions. But with the legend that is Ancelotti at the helm, we reckon we’ll be seeing DM for many years to come.

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