WATCH: Szczesny’s laugh out loud error leaves Totti heartbroken

Wojciech Szczesny is something of a cult hero back in North London, with his ‘one of the boys’ type personality coupled with his various digs at Arsenal’s rivals Tottenham, going down very well with the Gooners.

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Cult hero status, however, does seem to mean you’re allowed to get away with a lot more than you would if you were, say, David Ospina. Arsenal fans are still backing the Pole to be the long-term replacement they’ve lacked since Jens Lehmann, despite numerous high-profile gaffes.

Belief in the ‘keeper may well have subsided, though, after seeing that Szczesny’s second season-long loan with AS Roma is getting off to a particularly Szczesny-esque start…

Decision-making has never really been Poland’s No.1’s biggest and best attribute, with the former Legia Warsaw man clearly feeling like he’s got the touch of the Manuel Neuers about him. And that won’t change despite the latest faux pas – his self-belief is commendable, as it is delusional.

What’s it they always say? Actions always have consequences? Well, thanks to Szczesny’s rush of blood to the head putting the final nail in Roma’s Champions League hopes for this season, Woj has robbed the footballing world of a final glimpse of the legend Totti on the biggest club football stage. Simultaneously, it meant that we have to endure FC Porto in the group stages, yet again.

The Roma icon clearly wasn’t amused at his teammate’s decision to come dashing out of goal. Therefore, we’d advise steering clear of the Roman Emperor for a good few weeks, Szczesny, mate…

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