WATCH: Joe Cole proving why the Three Lions used to love him

You don’t appreciate what you have until it’s gone, and that saying is never truer than with England fans and perhaps one of the most naturally-gifted English players of his generation, Joe Cole.

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There’s no doubt in my mind that Cole’s talent deserved a career more than a backseat as an injury-prone midfielder and a reputation as a flop at Liverpool and then Aston Villa.

“He’d get the ball and there could be four players surrounding him, it would be like a scrum and a second later he’d come out of it with it at his feet.”

Cole’s former youth team-mate Bertie Brayley

When Cole headed off to the United States of America, he became a bit of a cliche, a has-been wrestling the final bit of loose change out of his ending career. However, unlike several of the ‘icons’ that head to America or Asia for one final swansong, Cole is earning his wage. Can Rafael Marquez, Denilson and Freddie Ljungberg claim the same?

Do yourself a favour and make sure you watch the whole video below. The finish at the end will make you wonder why the bloody hell England didn’t do more with the likes of Cole at the front of the ‘golden generation’.

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