WATCH: MLS ‘hooligan’ will have you crying with laughter

Major League Soccer is not exactly known for its quality. And sadly, Seattle Sounders have displayed that their fans replicate the standard of football in the terraces…


The words in football chants can often be hard to make out. Yet, this Neville Longbottom lookalike fan is simply shouting ‘fight and win, come on Seattle’ ?. Hmmm, okay pal ?

The most staggering part of the video is that he actually gets encouragement from the crowd! Imagine being the sort of person sitting there going: “Hang on, this guy is onto something. This is getting me so pumped!”

This isn’t the first time the followers of the Seattle Sounders have produced some bizarre  moments in the stands, with them recently revealing their summer signing – Rick Astley – in rather strange fashion…

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Still, the MLS side are on fine form with three wins on the bounce, suggesting the calls from the stand of ‘fighting and winning’ have been noted by Clint Dempsey and co.

The Rave Green play this evening against Houston Dynamo, so we’ll see if Neville Longbottom can continue to ignite the Seattle ultras.

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