Will Ferrell’s latest comments on his MLS franchise will have you in stitches

Will Ferrell is the uncle we all wished we had, but only saw once a year at Christmas. After all, there are only so many activities you can fit into 365 days…

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…has been his usual entertaining self at the latest ceremony (because that’s what the Americans are calling it) for his MLS franchise, Los Angeles FC.

In Ferrell’s joint-venture with NBA icon, Magic Johnson, Los Angeles FC will enter Major League Soccer in 2018, and begin a rivalry with LA Galaxy – similar to what is going on over in New York, with NYCFC and Red Bulls.

Rather surprisingly, Ferrell has revealed he will be taking a more hands-on role than first expected, with the Other Guys star coming down from the boardroom:

“What is my role on the team? I’m just the eye candy. I’m the show pony.

“These guys have done all the heavy lifting, but I have found out I’m going to be head groundskeeper.

“I don’t know anything about horticulture or plants, but I’ve got two years to learn. It’s going to be the best turf in MLS, guaranteed.”

Will Ferrell

Ferrell will obviously have high hopes for his newly-formed team, and being a Chelsea fan, he’ll no doubt be hoping for a period of dominance at the top of Western Conference. However, given his desires to go unbeaten, we are starting to think that the Hollywood funnyman may well be more of a Gooner.

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“I also want to make a bold prediction. We don’t have our roster yet, we know there’s a lot of interest from coaches and players to come and play here in Los Angeles, but I do know this: We will go undefeated in our inaugural season.

“I don’t know how hard that is to do, but we will do that. And if not, you can come up and tackle me in the parking lot, OK?”

Will Ferrell

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