Bastian Schweinsteiger Drops Bombshell

Bastian Schweinsteiger is done with Europe. Sometimes, you push a man to the brink (looking at you, Jose) and he just says, “Fuck it.”

Just a few weeks after announcing his retirement from the German national team, he tweeted that Manchester United will be his last team in Europe.

Jose Mourinho pushed one of the greatest midfielders of a generation out of the Man United fold more casually than a craps dealer moves dice around the table.

Sure, Schweini might have showed up to training camp a little overweight, but a player of his caliber should get a pass before being demoted to the junior squad like a rookie who skipped practice. Just ask Basti’s little brother, Tobi.

I feel for the Schweini, but let’s remember that he’s getting paid $200,000 a week to play muff with United’s JV team, so I’m not losing any sleep over the whole thing.

He’s the consummate pro and knows how to roll with the punches. His legacy as an all-time great is cemented, and playing for Manchester United was just the cherry on top for him. He probably wasn’t real stoked about getting cut, but he’ll survive.

That being said, Man United is looking like the team to beat in the Premier League. Zlatan is firing on all cylinders and Jose Mourinho just might know what he’s doing.

Which one of these Manchester United moments is your favourite?

Schweinsteiger’s message is a little cryptic. “MUFC will be my last club in Europe” is a far cry from “I am retiring.”

At 32, he’s still got a few years left in those legendary boots.

If he’s leaving Europe, he’s either going to the U.S. or China because that’s where the money is.

Somehow, he doesn’t strike me as someone who’s real eager to play in China, so, fingers crossed, we’ll be seeing Bastian Schweinsteiger in MLS next year.

If Pirlo, Lampard, Villa, and Kaká can do it, so can Schweini.

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